Vietnam, one of Australia’s biggest markets for wheat exports, has prohibited the use of the widely-used herbicide glyphosate.

The Vietnam Government’s decision to prohibit the chemical means all herbicides containing glyphosate won’t be imported into the nation, according to Vietnam’s Plant Protection Department.

Vietnam is Australia’s fourth largest grain trading partner overall and any change to the glyphosate limitations on imports might affect Australian growers.

GrainGrowers said the safety of glyphosate was well-established and it was convinced that the ban wouldn’t affect the export of grain into the nation.

GrainGrowers chairman Brett Hosking said there’d been rumours for a while that Vietnam was considering banning the compound.

He claims Glyphosate is not a product which commonly finds itself in grain residues.

But a US jury found in March that the compound was a”substantial factor” in causing at least one cancer case.

Mr Hosking said glyphosate use was under scrutiny from consumers who are concerned about the long term effects of exposure to the chemical but remains adamant of the safety of the herbicide.

A spokesperson For the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources said in a statement that the Vietnamese authorities had legislated to limit the import and use of products containing glyphosate, with the legislation to come into full effect in 2020.

Vietnam Authorities have not signalled their intentions concerning the legal use of similar products in different countries on commodity imported into Vietnam.

Past Vietnamese national restrictions haven’t translated to constraints on the importation of treated commodities.

The department said that it was experienced in dealing with trading partners to keep our exports in these circumstances. The Australian Government remains satisfied with the conclusion of these instructions.

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