Tiles are one of the best decorative tools that you can use in any room. It combines both practicality and aesthetics. Tiles are available in different patterns, cuts, colours materials and sizes. You can choose from glass, stone tiles and ceramic with a few others in between too. Tiles are engineered stones that are very easy to look after and maintain as well as durable.

When You Are Thinking About Tiles You Need to Take A Few Things into Consideration:

The cost: The bigger the area you are covering the more expensive it will be, and cost will also depend on whether you have a high glossed or matte finish.

Style and colouring: Tiles are not hard to change over but it can be costly! Therefore, ensure you get the right colour and style for your home.

The material: Tiles can be glass, ceramic or other synthetic and natural stones. Different materials will have different finishes, looks and maintenance needs.

Cleaning: Will you need to end up re-sealing the grout or tiles like natural stone? Does the surface show wipe and smudges? Tiles are hardened in fires and are hypoallergenic. This means they will not let out any dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere. 

The traction: Is this for your hallway that may get wet feet coming from outside? Think about whether the tiles are going to be too slippery for the surface like an outdoor area needs slip resistant tiles due to the fact it will get moisture and rain coming in.

Tile weight: It will depend where the tiles are going as to whether the weight of the tile will be an issue. If you are doing a vertical surface, weight may come into play here.

Your design: You need to have a clear idea of exactly what you want. Knowing what the vision is will help you to choose colour, sizing and the material. Questions you should be asking yourself include whether you’re going to have stone bench tops, stone floors or both to complement each other? Ensure your tiles are kept looking new all the time by cleaning them often with warm soapy water to prevent dirt from accumulating.

Your budget: Tiling floors and walls are not cheap, especially if you are going for something like a natural stone. Ensure you are buying at least 10% more tiles than needed in case any are broken or damage during transportation and installation. Factor these inside your calculations to ensure that you have plenty to allow for problems.

If you are not really sure what type of tile you want, you can go to your local store and ask for some samples to take home and look over. You can lay them on the floor, so you get an idea of how well it goes with the wall. It is a good idea to be using smaller tiles in places like bathrooms and small rooms to open up the space and keep the larger tiles for the bigger rooms like living and dining. This will ensure that your design does not become overwhelming throughout the home.

As long as you do your research on what tile will suit the room and ensure you have a clear idea of what you want before you commit to buying anything.

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