Online grocery shopping is on the decline in the UK, with shoppers worried about ordering issues and delivery prices, research suggests.

This past year, 45 per cent of customers said that they shopped for groceries online, down from 49 per cent in 2016, said analysts Mintel.

Mintel also found 42 per cent of seniors said they had never bought groceries online and had no interest in changing their shopping habits.

The poll of 2,000 internet users also discovered that 63% said they’d had a problem with an order in the last year.

Mintel’s Associate director of retail research, Nick Carroll was quick to iterate that online grocery stores, together with the food discounters, are among those fastest-growing segments within the supermarket sector.

Grocery deliveries made up 7 per cent of the entire sector, with a value of 12.3bn. Mintel said that this was forecast to hit 10 per cent by 2023, with earnings rising to 19.8bn.

The Survey found evidence of a disparity between enthusiastic younger individuals and sceptical older shoppers who were wary of online grocery shopping.

Of those who refused to shop online, 73% said it was because they preferred to select fresh merchandise.

Nearly A quarter of reluctant online shoppers believed delivery fees were too high, while 18 per cent didn’t enjoy being subject to minimum spending levels.

Among those who had used online grocery services, complaints comprised missing goods, late deliveries, incorrect substitutions and getting goods which were damaged or near their expiry dates.

Online grocery shopping is an increasingly significant element in the strategies of major food retailers, especially with Marks & Spencer spending 750m to obtain a 50% share of internet company Ocado’s retail company.

But, Mintel’s Mr Carroll also pointed out that not all shopping tendencies were functioning in favour of the net.

He said online services continue to be best suited to the Traditional big-basket weekly store, at a time when customers are increasingly shopping on a top-up or when-needed basis.

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