Air compressors are used in a variety of applications. The most common places where air compressors are seen is at gas stations to inflate or deflate the tire. There are also air compressors services commonly used in the construction industry, which is used typically with an airbrush which powers the concrete compactors or jackhammers.

There are many applications of air compressors and most of them, we do not even know it. For instance, the air compressor is one of the most fundamental units to be used in a refrigerator.

How does an air compressor in a tile factory work?

Air compressor in a tile factory is typically used to press down on the concrete and the ceramic to form the shape of the tile. The pressure applied on the clay is typically in 10,000 of tons. Application of consistent and high pressure is essential for a uniform shape which can be hardened to the desired value after glazing and cooling.

The air compressors typically used in the tile factory are of the industrial-grade air compressors. The design of the compressors is such that they can take in the flow of compressed air for a  long period of time and they can also bear the fluctuations caused in power supply common to large manufacturing plants or tile factories. These compressors are typically built with components that are of industrial quality, and they can be customized in shape and functionalities to the specific application, which improves the reliability, energy efficiency, and also the performance.

Industrial plant

Why does the tile industry use compressed air?

The compressed air is the only option for many industries that require a power source that does not produce heat, and also provides it reliably throughout the usage for a particular process. In the manufacturing industry such as a tile factory, compressors are mainly used for:

  • Operating the different air tools on the lines of production, for instance, on the tiles to compress them or to paint or glaze them
  • It is also used in the welding and cutting of equipment which is harder but brittle at the same time.
  • Ejection of pieces from the production moulds which require a huge amount of energy provided by the compressed air.
  • Operation of automated machinery, compressed air is a major driver for equipment automation in multiple industries especially the tile industry.
  • Finishing the metal or ceramic by using sandblasting and other techniques, it enables the tile to get a sharp and good finish, along with maintaining great accuracy.
  • Basic tasks can also be performed, for instance, driving the screws into the material, or for turning nuts. Due to this, labour does not need to be required and on the longer run, the costs to the company reduce.

The compressed air is a very safe, reliable form of energy that is powerful at the same time. Most of the industries and businesses produce compressed air on the site for their usage during the process. It may be a little expensive to produce for some small scale industries, but it helps make the entire cost of production cheap and efficient, so it is a better investment in the longer term. There is no danger of the energy getting blown in the case of oil, that is why compressed air is primarily used for safety.  All measures needed to install or utilise an air compressor must first be understood properly and then gone ahead with. Along with its advantages, air compressors, if misused, can lead to an ample lot of safety hazards. Apart from this precaution, more and more industries now adopt to using air compressors in their area of work for optimal utilisation of air and for more efficient results.

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