The purpose of having a business website is to give your clients and customers, that use the internet, access your business and provide a platform for easy and effective communication. The thing is you need to get what you want out of a site like sales and leads. Your website needs to have a design that will attract people who are viewing your site to do what you want them to do. When it comes to creating a website for your tile business you need to ensure it has all the qualities that are important.

When it comes to transforming the outdated tile business website design you should ensure it has the following:

Professional Appearance

It is important to design your website so that it looks professional. You don’t want to be using a cookie-cutter template or a home-made design that is so obvious and won’t encourage people to bring their business to you.

The right content:

Sales pitches are very overdone and can turn visitors off in an instant. People will come to your business to see the different information regarding your business, products and services. They are already interested so now you need to ensure that you are providing them with relevant and upgraded content. If you are offering some bookkeeping services, then ensure you are adding info on keeping the tax tips and records with value loaded content. As you are selling tiles you need to provide info about the different product lines you carry and also information on installation and care tips. All the tile work available must be displayed with quality such that with just one look of the image, a visitor can feel the texture and look of the actual tiles. The porcelain cladding of your tile image must be as real as it can get. Hence working on optimising your content, video and images is of prime importance.

Marble tiles

Easy to do business with

Located somewhere on your webpage should be your contact information such as phone numbers and mailing address. Don’t just have an email as this is not good enough for your tile business you need to include full contact information. This is better to include it on several different pages where it is easy to see.

Payment options online

To get people to buy your products then you need to make it easy for them to do so. Invest in a decent cart and ensure you have a variety of payment options like PayPal and credit card. No one prints of invoices and send it cheques anymore.

Address the concerns

If your customers have concerns about giving out personal info like their credit card details online then ensure you have the right security installed to protect this information and be sure to let the customers know you have this by adding secure site certificates in obvious places and offer a commenting page and FAQ where the visitors can make you aware of their concerns and check if the question has been answered before. Moreover, consider having a testimonial section on your website that can help people relate with your business’s success rates. You need to make sure that the marble tiles that your website offers are like none other in the market. Undertake all those initiatives possible to create a unique claim in the competing market.


Your site needs to showcase the tile business you are running. Showcase the products and services that you offer that makes your business stand out from the rest.  Include signage and show the client the right way to the website’s door. The way to do this is through the search engine placement which means taking the time on the search engine optimisation. You need to ensure that you are giving each page of your business a chance to rank high within the different search engines. SEO means every page needs to have the title tags, meta tags that are appropriate within the terms of the different keywords that you have chosen for that particular page. Ensure you have used the keyword the right amount of times through each page.

Including social media

Most businesses now are linked somewhere with social media. If you have a social media presence on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook it will add more legitimacy to your website and bring in more traffic. The more likes you get means you get a bigger website rank within search engines.

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